Hummus Place

Hummus Place restaurant.

Hummus Place restaurant.

Walking into a small, but comfortable restaurant hungry and tired I knew this would be one of the best of its kind. At around 7:00pm it was almost full to the brim with talkative people. I sat down and was immediately given a menu with all different styles of Hummus, eggs and soups… I ordered the soup of the day which was split pea soup and Hummus Macabacha. First to come was the soup steaming with delicious odors and tastes. I ate it with jest and was pleased with the complexity and number of herbs that fit it perfectly. After I finished the soup I waited for no more than a couple minutes and there came Halumi Shakshuka. I didn’t order this, but I would love to try it anyway I said to my waitress. She made sure it was okay and than left me to enjoy my food. I dug into the sunny side egg covered with tomato sauce and cilantro. My first impression was great. I loved its style with it coming out still on the pan and sizzling, it was good. It came with my choice of homemade whole wheat pita. Dipping it in and out of my Halumi Shakshuka I was satisfied with my choice of the restaurant despite their little mistake. My only complaint is that they check on you and try and take your plates away a little too much.

Halumi Shakshuka.

Halumi Shakshuka.

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~ by David Fishman on June 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hummus Place”

  1. i have been here, and i love the middle eastern cuisine, however i disagree about the service.

  2. that can be annoying when they are overbearing. And I hate it when they take away my plate before I clean it. “Yo, I wasn’t finished with that! Come baaaaack!”

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