Best Meal

Where did you have the best meal of your life so far. Post below!

7 Responses to “Best Meal”

  1. Bartolotta

  2. Jill and I (Wined & Dined) enjoyed getting to meet you last night at Hill Country. Been checking out your website this morning. Great writing! So jealous of your truffle hunt experience. Jill and I want to plan a trip to Provence after reading about it. We went to Vetri last year and had an AMAZING meal. I would say the following are our Top 5 Best Meals Ever:

    (i) Blue Hill at Stone Barns

    (ii) Pierre Gagnaire (Paris)

    (iii) Per Se

    (iv) Babbo (winter truffle tasting menu)

    (v) Momofuku Ko



    Andy & Jill

  3. Hey I have been following your articles quite a lot & I must say that you come across as a pro in your area of study. You should start blogging more often , it would be really great.

  4. Hiya, how could i subscribe to your RSS Feed?

  5. Particularly, I believe the best meals I’ve ever eaten were when I was really hungry.. Though my mouth waters when I think about a typical dish which I can find in my Country, Brazil by the way. It’s a delicious kind of spicy sauce with prawns made from pumpkin, cream cheese, coconut milk, some vegetables and herbs. Not enough this fantastic of exotic ingredients combination is served in a pumpkin. It’s a must see the meal’s presentation and feel the taste, as well.

  6. Just saw Throwdown with Bobby on sloppy joes. I thought you did an amazing job. You were much more articulate than your adult counterpart and really made me want to try Bobby’s sloppy. In summary, I just wanted to say you’ve got a new fan! Keep rockin’ those reviews.

    How would you rate the sloppy joe among all comfort foods you’ve tasted?

  7. One time, I had THEE most amazing summer sausage on the Superior Hiking Trail. Would give a solid 5 on the Josh scale!!! Definitely would recommend with a side of burnt rice and beans.

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