What makes a great restaurant great?


What makes a great restaurant great? Is it the food, atmosphere, service, decor or the company I’m with? The answer is all of these things mushed into a vat of passion bubbling inside of me.

Firstcomes the food; tasty, delicious and sexy food adds the most important feature to a restaurant’s greatness, igniting a spark in my stomach. Food that takes my breath away and compels even my worst moods to become cheery and sociable. Like a dish I once ate at Le Bernadin, ‘a sour zucchini flower, sweet crab and a woody essence of truffle sauce. Each flavor was a puzzle piece and when they fit together they became a clear picture. It was like flowers, deep within a forest of trees, and sweet smells.’

Secondly, an atmosphere and decor need to match the style of the food to push my restaurant experience to an even greater level of pleasure. I like an atmosphere that welcomes me, the diner, invites me into the flow of amiable conversation. As well as a decor that flirts with the atmosphere, contrasts and works together with it. For example when homey, whole hearted dishes are served in a cute warm restaurant it makes me feel in place, part of something.

When these two ingredients are combined with superb service, the memory of a night out can be imbedded in my mind for weeks. A server who treats me politely can make me feel royal and special. A server should also be conversational and fun. This is the kind of server that makes an okay night out into a night of everlasting laughs and ‘waiter I’d like another, now!’

At last, having friends and family with me completes my experience. Sure you can dine alone, but it adds tremendously to the evening when friends and family are involved. For me, being able to socialize while I eat and drink is a crucial part of my dining experience. Alas, when these ‘elements’ are combined the spark in my stomach becomes a warm fire, fueled by delicious foods, cordial and humble service, friends, family and an overall sublime dining experience.


~ by David Fishman on October 23, 2010.

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  1. Awesome job!

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