Kouzan Sushi

Kouzan tries… and fails. This giant restaurant does not make what I would call sushi. Dimmed to almost darkness this commercial restaurant shouldn’t be on the map. As you step into the restaurant you are hit by a glass wall with water pouring down. Split into two rooms with a flat screen TV, my friend and I sat down in the corner. A candle is placed in the middle of your table to help the lighting out. Looking over the menu it looked like any other Japanese restaurant, but it wasn’t. A middle aged woman walked over to us (waitress) and offered us drinks which we accepted. As we talked she came back multiple times pushing us to order which after a lot of pressure we did. Kouzan’s sushi for two was the meal for us, with two salads, one with ginger fruit dressing and the other with soy mustard; also a miso soup. We added the Soft Shell Crab roll to our dinner just to see and compare to other Japanese restaurants.

Starting with the salads this restaurant was moving lower and lower in my opinion. Two salads were put in front of us, one twice the size as the other, yet it was the same price. Pouring the soy mustard dressing I wondered if this might have been a mistake. The mustard dressing was as sweet as sugar and tasted like fruit. Next the sushi for two loomed in front of us with the look of a dish prepared for a TV show, almost fake. One bite and it tasted like it too. Carrots all over the plate were shaped into flowers or animals. The fish itself lacked a certain freshness and firmness giving you the feeling you were eating warm mush. The one fish on the platter, yellowtail, tasted o.k, but still standard. The crab was a mixture of fry and crab paste. A dish called the Heart Roll, coming with our platter, consisted of, tuna with cucumber shaped into a heart, to draw people into thinking they were eating good food. This restarunt has a far way to come in my opinion, to even reach traditional Japanese standards and something tells me they aren’t going to try.


~ by David Fishman on July 26, 2009.

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