Davidburke and Donatella

Davidburke & Donnatella

Davidburke & Donnatella

Before I begin I would like to inform thee that this restaurant is not one that you might come to every week or day. This is a very fancy and expensive restaurant, but a great place for business or a celebration.

I sat down and was given a special menu, then asked for the regular and was given just that. As I was looking at all the unique dazzling dishes I was served, complimentary, Twelve. It was made with many different teas, fruits and waters. It was bubbly with a touch of alcohol and was different, but surprisingly addictive. I and my friend ordered their steak, T-Bone Halibut, lobster and egg served in a real Ostrich egg with white truffle. We also ordered a delicious looking grilled asparagus with a little cream on top.

What came first was not any of those, but an appetizer with three amazing looking things. The first was hot the second was warm and the third was cold. The first a lobster flan. “Wow” I said as I tasted the exquisite dish it was great with chunks of lobster and custard under it. The flan was almost lobster flavored and a perfect fit. Next was the corn chowder with lobster and caviar. This one was my least favorite, because I just didn’t think that these foods mixed. It was still good though and my friend absolutely loved the caviar and lobster with corn soup on top. The last one was an old dish called Foie Grasse. Now this was a dish that you either loved or hated. It was duck liver with raspberry jam on top, then the liver then some yogurt. I liked it to the surprise of my friend, but the raspberry jam and the liver mixed so you almost couldn’t taste that it was liver which was good.

A rare steak.

A rare steak.

Next to come the ostrich egg with the lobster and the egg. This dish was by far the most mysterious because you think that the ostrich on the menu means it’s the meat of and ostrich, but instead what came were lobster, chives, caviar, scrambled egg and rare white truffle. My friend got a Shrimp Risotto with fresh cooked peas and cream drizzled over. Our waiter came and grated white truffle which added the final taste to these heart breaking delicious dishes.

Finally the Entre came. First on my side was the T-Bone halibut, a huge slab of fish that was thick and great. On my friend’s side, came the rare cooked Flank steak with fresh cream drizzled on the bottom. The halibut was cooked to perfection with pepper corns on it. My first thought was this is the best halibut I have ever had then came the smell of fresh tender meat with cream and I was swayed. I had a bite of steak and was blown away by its taste. I reflected the long amount of time and thought put into these dishes and was satisfied. Also coming with my Halibut was ravioli stuffed with the cheek bone mush. G-d this stuff was good.

Finally the end of the meal came with dessert. We let the chef hit us with his best desserts. All at once they came looking like pieces of art almost inedible. There was, lollipops on a tree that were filled with cheese cake and covered with chocolate, chocolate lava cake with chocolate chip vanilla ice cream, a beautiful box that turned out to be chocolate mouse with raspberry filling, there was bubblegum whipped cream and a butter scotch Pannacotta. I was stuffed in the end and I looked around the restaurants décor I was amazed with its beautiful blown glass balloons and designs.


~ by David Fishman on July 20, 2009.

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  1. Hey I have been following your articles quite a lot & I must say that you come across as a pro in your area of study. You should start blogging more often , it would be really great.

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