Bar Boulud

Bar Boulud's railroad style.

Bar Boulud's railroad style.

At 5:30pm sitting down with a party of nine people at Bar Boulud I looked around to see a railroad type setting meaning it was long and narrow with an arched ceiling. On one side I saw metal grates with little rocks inside and like the clever idea. This was a fancy up beat type of place the kind of place where you might come with your girlfriend or boyfriend to enjoy a little meal and a drink. On the other side of the restaurant was the weirdest yet almost pleasingly creative thing. They were pieces of thick paper with wine stains and the name and date of that wine.

As I began to look over the dinner menu I noticed that there were wines that ranged from $30-$4,700. Almost immediately I found what I was looking for:  Steak Frites, Black Angus NY steak, that came with a salad or fries. I also noticed a good looking appetizer that was a little pricey, but looked scrumptious. The Mesclun Provencal salad with arugula lettuce and olives, tomatoes, radishes, fried artichoke and anchovies called out at me so with duty calling I decided on that for my appetizer.

A waitress came over and was completely clueless about the dishes, which I found was common with most of this restaurant’s service. As my party ordered I noticed a particularly good sounding dish ordered by my father called Coquille Saint-Jacques which was Roasted Diver Sea scallops with Brussels sprouts and concord grapes.

By 6:05pm the appetizers and salads were delivered to the correct people with little mistake. I looked around and liked what I saw. There was the scallops done to perfection, but they gave the least amount possible for $18. They were cut in slices (4) in a row with two dollops of grape paste in each corner. I thought they were delicious and tender despite the skimpy portion. Next I started my salad, the Mesclun Provencal, which was huge and a great dish for $12. It was served in a big bowl with fresh pepper, lemon, a great light dressing and crispy arugula. As I munched that one down I searched for another dish to taste and my eyes were locked onto a soup one of my friends had gotten. A rich Butternut  Squash soup with a slight touch of parsley. I tasted this and was thrilled with its fall taste and filling touch.

Next to come was of course the steak. A giant, thick slab of tender meat cooked rare. On all open parts it was crusted with pepper and a crispy shell. I attacked with my fork and wolfed it down. It was delicious. I stole a bite of Coq Au Vin a braised chicken with mushrooms and onions. It was a little over done, but a fabulous addition to the meal.

Last we ordered dessert. I got Diva Renee a dome of chocolate (not described well on the menu) with a hot chocolate sauce and raspberry/pistachio sorbet. When it came the dome was covering the ice cream with the chocolate sauce in a small pitcher on the side. As I pored it on it melted the dome to reveal the ice cream. It was a great mix of raspberry and chocolate and I was satisfied with the dish. My dinner was once again completed and I thought that dessert must be one of the most important things for a restaurant because it was the last thing the person remembered.


~ by David Fishman on June 12, 2009.

6 Responses to “Bar Boulud”

  1. Enjoyed your review. My friends at Razorfish took over Bar Boulud last year as part of their client summit and we got a back stage tour of the kitchen and tons of samples of their dishes. The food was great and your review triggered how good the food was the evening I got to eat there. Thanks

  2. I was amazed by the way the cellar was designed. With bottles of wine lined up. It was an overall good experience.

  3. I got to go to Daniel one night about a year ago. Best dining experience in my life. Still have the menu from the night and got a signed book. It was unreal.

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